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Thursday, 6 January 2011

We are not alone

Thanks to everyone who turned up today to support the strike at the Northern Echo and Darlington and Stockton Times. We were inundated with messages of support. Here's what we personally got sent. If anyone else received others please add them.

Good luck with your strike action today and tomorrow - Bob Smith, Bradford and group FoC.

Great to hear you are fighting back against Newsquest. If you win we all win! Julia Armstrong MoC Sheffield newspapers.

Good luck with your strike. Chris Wheal, chair of NUJ ProfCom and charity NUJ Extra.

Congratulations on your magnificent stand - solidarity greetings from Rotherham Advertiser Chapel. Phil Turner FoC.

Good on you all. It's time journalists made a stand. Henry from the Wigan Evening Post.

Good luck in your fight to defend jobs, conditions, standards and wages. Evening Gazette Chapel.

Howay the lads and lasses on the picket line @ the Echo today. Much solidarity on behalf of the NUJ chapel @ the Newcastle Chron and Jnl, from MoC Amy Hunt.

Greetings and support from the Midlands TUC in your struggle with the Northern Echo. Best wishes Alan Weaver regional policy and campaigns officer  and Cheryl Pidgeon regional secretary.

Hi all, hope the action goes well. You have our full support. Gareth FoC Warrington.

Sending support from Newsgroup in Stourbridge and esp me, Sarah Cousin exNEcho, Durham, about 20 yrs ago! This office nearly went on strike last yr over taking subs  Worcester. Quality issues we predicted av cum tru!

Good luck with the strike from all at the Messenger Newspaper.

Matthew Hobbs at the Warrington Guardian here. Just wanted to voice support for your strike action. I hope you get the result you deserve.

All the best with your efforts. You have our full support. Mike McLean FoC S&UN group chapel (trinity mirror Glasgow)

Very best wishes and congrats to the whole chapel for today and tommorrow's action. Your solid determination despite all the obstacles and threats from the company is an example to the whole union. Stay strong! Thanks.  Pete Murray. President NUJ.

The Nottingham branch sends you its best wishes and support and hopefully today's action is successful and let us know if you need and financial help. Diana Peasey, chair

Wishing you all the support from St Helens for your efforts.

Good luck to all at the Northern Echo in the campaign for better pay. Lucy Lynch, nuj job share  nec member for the midlands.

Good luck with the strike from the Scarborough Evening News chapel, via Dave Barry.

Good luck to everyone at Darlington fighting for a good cause. From Steve in Warrington.

Good luck with the strike today. Your struggle in Darlington is helping journalists across Newsquest. All the best, Jenny Lennox, NUJ head office.

Just a message of support from members of the Shropshire branch of the NUJ - we hope todays action leads to a solution. Rhea Alton (secretary)

Its Matt Hurst FoC at the liverpool daily post + echo. keep fighting  the good fight +best of liuck for today + any continuing action

very best wishes for the campaign - jeff robson telegraph chapel

Good luck to all at Darlington on strike. Shame we at warrington aren't out too. Despite that we are all behind you. Tony Howard. manchester branch.

Whitehaven news chapel West Cumbria support ur strike action

Greetings from all at the Bolton News Chapel who wre 2 have walked out 2 before our strike was called off at 5pm wed. We salute u all.

Very good luck with your action. Sometimes a strike is only way to get anyone's attention and the benefits can be long term. Barbara Goulden. Midlands nec rep.

The Camberwell anti cuts occupiers send their solidarity and support to your strike. If we can do anything let us know. Best of luck and don't give in.

Just to offer our respect to you and your chapel from your colleagues in Brighton. It means a great deal to us that we are standing together with you. Tim

Solidarity greetings to all on strike at Darlington. Fiona Swarbrick, national organiser, publishing department, NUJ

Best of luck to you and the rest of your members in your dispute. Andy Walsh, Manchester

Great to hear fellow nuj members are standing up to management. Good luck. You have my support. Rotherham deputy foc ian townsley.

Solidarity from your fellow strikers in Southampton. I hope the first day on the picket line went well. Good luck tomorrow. Congratulations to everyone for making this brave but necessary stand. Sally, secretary, southern daily echo.

Just seen the picket line on BBC News and mighty impressive it was -
both sides of Crown Street. Started strangely and wondered why you
were picketing the library but the panning camera revealed that was
because the outside of the building was stowed out as they say in
Gateshead. Good to see Tyne-Tees on the ball with not even a mention
so far but I did find out Darlington Market is moving.
Good work from Dave getting on Five Live and giving Davidson
the stick he deserves.
Anyway keep up the good work and if you've got a collection fund going
Scott Wilson has a tenner of mine that can go in there,
Regards Adam Murray (former FoC Darlington)


  1. I am so impressed with this. There is a multitude of people and organisations out there who are one hundred per cent behind us. Many of them are in exactly the same situation as ourselves. We may not have much, but we have support. And we have the high ground.

  2. A couple more to add to that:

    Members of the Birmingham Post and Mail chapel wish you well with your action today.

    And from the Financial Times:

    Dear colleagues, strike action is the only language these people understand. Quality journalism is a public service, doing it on the cheap betrays the public. Let us know how best we can support you.