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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Carrying the banner

THIS is our banner. It was made several decades ago by people who believed in justice, fairness, integrity and professionalism. Those people felt so strongly about the career they had chosen that they commissioned this banner as a statement of their determination to defend that profession. I, for one, will be proud to march under it.

Our jobs have been devalued by three years of pay freeze and our profession is under threat as never before. We are being continuously undermined by people who don’t know the meaning of justice, fairness, integrity and professionalism – the very foundation blocks of our industry.

That’s why this fight is important. It’s not just about money and jobs, it’s about principles. It’s about Newsquest executives treating us with disdain and contempt, using us as a resource to fill their own bank accounts and expecting loyalty in return while they dismantle our industry.
The people who made this banner wouldn’t have put up with it. Neither should we.

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  1. That banner really is smashing. It's great to see it. I definitely think we should ask the Miners' Gala if we can join in the march!