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Monday, 3 January 2011

Woolly Coates (No. 1)

FEELING down after the Christmas break? A touch gloomy now the dark days of winter are truly here? Perhaps it’s not the weather that’s to blame. Perhaps it’s the company’s “activity profits”. According to managing director David Coates in the latest edition of Griff – the official voice of Newsquest North-East – they don’t look good.
Hmmm . . . But just a minute. If our “activity profits” are down £100,000 on the previous December – that’s a drop of 67 per cent at a time when Government figures show the economy recovering – and “any further deterioration in our revenues is likely to result in the business making a loss”, then shouldn’t we be questioning the ability of the bloke who’s running the show?
How many photographers, reporters, sub-editors and graphic artists missed their targets in December? How many pages went out unfinished; how many stories unwritten; how many empty picture and graphic boxes appeared in the papers? Not a single one. Yet the managing director, who unlike the rest of us sets his own targets, is telling us his “activity profits” are down 67 per cent. And that’s his good news.
It’s no wonder there was a vote of no confidence in him. He’s making the wrong people redundant.

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