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Friday, 7 January 2011

Gavin Webster says...

Comedian Gavin Webster, whose most recent work was in BBC1's Walk on the Wild Side, with Jason Manford and Sarah Millican, among others, and has featured in our publication several times over the last ten years, has posted a footnote on his blog in support. Thanks Gavin, your support is much appreciated.

His comment reads:

Solidarity to the Northern Echo workers (I think it covers the journalists but if there's more involved solidarity to them as well). No rises fro three years and offered a derisory 2% this year. 1 of that 2% will be swallowed up by the VAT rise. As far as I'm aware the paper (or the paper's group) has had yearly profits of some £75 million. Let's hope you come out on top in this dispute, it seems where I'm standing there's a solid justification of your industrial action. Solidarity brothers and sisters.

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