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Monday, 10 January 2011

Former Newsquest editor joins picket line

SUPPORT for striking journalists in Darlington was strengthened on Friday by a visit from a former Newsquest editor.
Craven Herald and Pioneer editor Peter Greenwood gave a cash donation to the strike fund and joined the picket line for a couple of hours in wind and snow.
Mr Greenwood, who took early retirement last June, said he was not impressed by the way the company was being run by Newsquest. Members of the picket line agreed with him and thanked him for his support.
Strikers commented later that they were aware of other editors who were less than enchanted with the way Newsquest was running its Darlington operation – but instead of being on the picket line they were inside the building.
Staff at Crown Street library also supported the picket line by supplying flasks of hot water and cups of coffee, tea and soup. Crown Street Post Office staff also gave their support with coffee and hot chocolate.
The Red Lion pub in Priestgate set aside a room for striking journalists and provided boiling water, tea, coffee and biscuits.


  1. I'm a former Echo journalist who doesn't generally support strike action. I also haven't exactly been impressed by the NUJ over the years.

    That said, I sincerely hope this action works. From afar, what has happened to the Echo and its newsroom is heart-breaking. The Echo is in danger of becoming an anaemic facsimile of its former self.

    That would be a tragedy.

    Good luck to all involved. I just hope Newsquest listens.

  2. Thanks - and believe us, we wouldn't resort to strike action if we didn't feel we had run out of options. Hopefully we can come to a reasonable solution - certainly that's our aim.